App Review: Sketch Club

I have been amazed to see how talented people can be on their devices. I downloaded a bunch of drawing apps to try. It was awful. I couldn’t place my finger right.. the tools weren’t intuitive.. or I couldn’t navigate the options. Then when I thought I was getting it the app would crash or not save my progress. Well… NO MORE!

While in a Starbucks, a friend grabbed one of their free-app-code cards. I usually am not interested but she insisted since it was free (good point) and I had recently gotten rid of most of my art apps (except for adobe : hearts : ).  So, I downloaded it…….

The app is called Sketch Club.

The app’s drawing interface made so much more sense to me! It’s much more intuitive and the opens are clear for the tools. Within mins of testing it I was able to figure out the basic options and where tools were located. I could load images I wanted to doodle over.. I could mirror my strokes… create layers… size my document and even save it as a transparent png!! I just had so much fun doodling I wanted to share my love for that app and some of the drawings I did with it the first week!

The bear was my first 🙂

bear curiousgeorge lips multiocto thesilence



Have you used this app? Or have a favorite of your own? Please share your drawings or app suggestions in the comments!

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