Zelda: Wind Waker (spoilers)

Adulthood doesn’t offer as much video game time as I had hoped it would.. so when I decide on a video game to devote time to, I am very picky. Obviously, Wind Waker wasn’t a hard choice! I had never played it and they remastered it for the WiiU…YAY! My wonderful hubby got it for me before I even knew it existed (for wiiu that is). I’m still playing but fell in love with Makar!

Spoilers: game details follow

When Link & Makar go into the Wind Temple… he has a little swaggar to him and he sort of clinks. As if his tiny wooden body was hollow and full of baby rattles. It is a melodic jungle when he walks! So Cute!

So.. had to draw him too 🙂




just one more thing...

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