Design for Free? Is it worth it?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. I’m a sucker for a design contest. Mostly because the topics are so varied and it challenges me to create something different.. or apply my style/taste to something I may not normally have done. That being said.. is it worth it? To put hours aside… on an idea, design..presentation.. with no promise of reward or compensation?

Some would say no… I say YES.

I’m in a different situation that full time freelance artists, I’m not living on my art income.. I have a day job. So, art for me is something I do because I want to. While that’s not always the case.. I prefer when it is. So.. many of my WIP’s will be contests and submissions. For me, it’s great to see a group of artists interpretation of the same topic. I recently entered something for a cause which is building wells for people who don’t have access to clean water. My design was based solely on how it would look and if I would wear it. I choose not to TRY to communicate water, Africa, children, land….etc all of the pieces I knew that went without saying. I wanted the design to be pleasing to the eye and wardrobe.. and allow the wearer to initiate the conversation about their activism.

If you want to check out the design and vote for it, that would be awesomesacem:

Water for LIFE at Canvas Threads


Whats next? Well.. one of my favorite bands ever … is having a t shirt contest. Really? REALLY GUYS? The deadline is so soon but I’m really going to shoot for something. Stay tuned for a WIP on that.. I can’t take too long though!

just one more thing...

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