Working on something with udders? What could be more fantastic???


Inspiration happen few and far between sometimes.. and when it hits it’s usually some fantastical piece of nonsense that won’t be useful anywhere in my creative career! Like, you guessed it, udders! But every now and then I need to create something that’s just for me and just for fun. Oh, who am I kidding, most things I do are for fun!

So this particular project is on the heels of one of my last faves.. the VEGA Squid poster. That design was so wonderful to work on because I used a combination of graphic pen in Illustrator and tons of blends and filters in Photoshop to get the final result. I knew after that I wanted to draw something else ridiculous.. as I neared the end of it I realized I wanted it to be just as huge as my squid! However, designs, when they are personal especially, have to grow by themselves. At some point I stop having ideas and I just allow it to create itself.. then suddenly.. I’m in LOVE!

Well I’m happy to report… I’m currently falling in love with my udders! that didn’t sound right, did it? owell.. it’s true!

Here are some WIP sneak peaks:


with all the talking about udders.. the moo wasn’t a big shock now was it?



Why, am I inspired by Lisa Frank? Well.. DUH who isn’t? 😉

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