Ad Campaign

I got an awesome opportunity to work on an internal ad campaign. It was great working along side awesome designers and fleshing out the year long campaign. The campaign ran for an entire year… and it went great.

The ads ran on plasmas all through out the company. Employees look to those plasmas for company news, announcements and events. It was the perfect medium to reach every employee with out blasting mail that would ultimately get ignored or trashed.

It was great working with a team! Not only were we able to design it together but we had a focus group and really did our homework to make sure everything we published really worked for our audience. Our focus group helped us to understand who our audience was and what verbiage they were familiar with and the first impressions of our designs.

Here’s a sample of the campaign:

allClick to view larger.

Business Services is an Internal Creative Department that handles identity design, signage, company communications, meeting presentations, fabrication and community outreach activities. There was a ton of area to cover, internal design doesn’t start and end with logos, and we effectively communicated that.

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