Art Show Awesomness

I was more excited than nervous… I attribute that to having amazing family and friends that were so excited for me. I arrived earlier than anyone, ready to set up and get going. Working events makes me that way. The team began building the stations, arranging cords, lights and giving tours. I was ready. _DSC4532I set up my prints. Table. Decorations. Plastic bags. Glow sticks. I felt like I had thought of everything. Not because I did, but because of advice from others. Chuck Styles told me to get bags, I would have totally forgotten about bags. Not to mention, an amazing artist like Chuck Styles, was at the show that I was in. Awesome.

_DSC4622It got packed. People crowded in. Line around the block. The emcee said my name. My name. People came over and asked me about my art, how I made it, why, what inspires me and I received so many looks, nods, smiles, points and verbal compliments. Up until this point, the only people in my life who really expressed excitement or joy over my art have been friends and family. The ones who I count on for support. And here I stand, with strangers, all showing similar excitement… so much so.. they bought my art. I actually sold art and it was awesome.
First art show. I want to do it again. I’m so grateful for such a fun and awesome experience. The fun didn’t stop there. Because of networking, social media and shares, I met fellow artists with similar interest in hopes of working together,  a coffee house contacted me about an art show, and most importantly, I’ve gained confidence in my art and I want to get out there more. Thanks Raw… Let’s do this again.

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