ATTN: Artists – What goes where?

Calling all Artists!

Graphics Artists | Illustrators | Designers | Web Developers | Digital Painters

and many many more..

All of these disciplines require various types of works. You can design a logo for a bank the same week you design the posters for a burlesque show. Your creativity varies, your jobs vary and your designs can be so diverse. Yes, you may have a style that brings it all together, a stamp that you apply to all of your work through your own look and feel… But ultimately, if you’ve been at this for a while, you have some ‘groupings’ of art.

Logo art? Simple, clean… corporate styled designs?

What about fun logos? Childlike, playful or edgy?

Posters.. Concerts, battle of the bands, local art fest.. beef & beer!

Posters? Financial Convention, political rally… Church picnic!

While similar, our work falls into all of these categories! Which brings me to my question…

What goes where?

Social Media and Networking go hand in hand. There’s Deviant Art, Behance, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs… there are so many platforms, portfolio sites and communities artists can belong to online. How does one balance them all? Update your content the same across all boards? Is there appropriate content for one site that’s different then you would share on Instagram?

I am not claiming to answer these questions, I’ve yet to have enormous success at balancing sites, portfolios and social networking. I would however LOVE to hear any comments on how you handle it.

Check out some of my links.. do you think my content is distributed appropriately? Why or why not? How often should you update content on social media vs your ‘official’ website?

What sites are you using to connect with potential clients and other artists?


All of this leads me to my next question….until next time!

just one more thing...

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