Pikmin Plushies & Doodles!

One of my best little buddies is turning 8 this month.. He is great at electronics, he loves video games, learned how to use my iPhone before I did and he even loves educational computer games!

He Loves Pikmin! I don’t remember who loved it first, me or him, after a while you can’t remember who’s influencing who! Either way, this game is great.. it’s simple cute story with challenging and strategic levels. In a sea of games where the ones that are age appropriate are too easy and the ones that are challenging are disgusting… it’s hard to find something you can play with out worrying what bad thing a kid will pick up. I don’t envy his Momma making not only those choices for him but for all of the rest of her kids, too!

For Christmas and his birthday, my hubby made Nate plush pikmin! Theeeee cutest things ever!! He did an amazing job!!


There were lil body pieces all over the house.. tiny eyes…hands..but it was so worth it! They are adorable!

IMG_0198 IMG_2281

pikmin2He made 14 in all.. 7 different Pikmin creatures…  Red-Fire, Blue-Water, Yellow-Electricity, White-Poison, Purple-Strength, Black-Rock and Pink-Flying! And my darling hubby made two sets so I can have one, too! The Purple guy is my favorite!

While it’s no plushie! I gave Nate a doodle.. a doodle coupon for a Video Game Date! 🙂


These lil guys were really fun to doodle, I think I’ll do the rest sometime, too!

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