Ideas are hard..

As I take on more freelance there’s one thing that I am realizing I want in a client that I myself didn’t think I did! I want my client to have an idea, know what they want… even what color they like. Something, some kind of idea for their project. My clients have been so nice, they say, “Do what ever you want.”

“Whatever you think will look good.”

Then I sit down, pencil, eraser, sharpener… extra pencil… paper…and my mind goes blank. I start asking myself, “If I was them.. I would want..”  I jot down my words, relationships, visual words, expressions, etc… I make a huge word map of ideas and concepts. Tiny pieces. Until I find my direction.. The problem with this? Instead of spending time searching for a direction(s) I want to pursue, I could have been working on a concept by now; if I had a bit of direction from my client.

Once I’m working on a concept, I almost repeat the process all over again because now I have an idea, a parameter to go with. Where as before it was all open ended, my mind given so much freedom it couldn’t decide.. and now we’re focused and on a mission. This, this is the best part! When an idea now takes over and you’re on fire to get it all down on paper!

Sometimes the ideas are flowing.. and I really do want to have full reign over a design but I would say most of the time I struggle if I have a wishywashy client. The good thing is that type of client is usually happy with anything (is that really a good thing?).

Now, of course.. a super picky/controlling client that’s sending you their own concepts done in ppt can be a bit frustrating! Its all about balance and I am certainly learning a LOT about how to design for and communicate with my various clients and their tastes and styles.

Well.. I can’t not post something with my rant.. so here’s something from the archives.. a space jaguar?


just one more thing...

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